About us

Epsilon Biotech :

Incorporated in 2010 Epsilon Biotech is a leading and prominent pharmaceutical company, Headquartered in Kala Amb, Himachal Pradesh. We are WHO & GMP Certified PCD Pharma Franchise Company in India. Also, we provide Third-Party manufacturing services with monopoly rights. Since its inception, Epsilon Biotech has strived to produce novel and effective pharmaceutical and health care solutions for the welfare of humanity. Our wide range of products includes Zincsoft Softgel Capsules, Vit- Omega- E Softgel Capsules, Eye Drops, Itrodoz & D –Skin Dusting Powder, Calcitriol Calcium Zinc Magnesium and Methylcobalamin Softgel Capsules, Paracetamol Levocetirizine Phenylephrine and Caffeine Tablets, 200 ml Multivitamin and Multimineral Syrup, Calcium Calcitriol and Vitamin K2-7 Capsules, etc. Our sales and marketing team came up with an innovative way to promote our company. Because of our excellent & reliable products and services, we have developed a good relationship with the top doctors.

“Mr. Surinder”

Mr. Surinder, our mentor, has extensive experience in the pharmaceutical sector. His able guidance has propelled us to a prominent position in this highly competitive industry and their quality-driven approach inspires us to provide the best products in the market. He believes that the core of the business is to delight customers by providing high-quality products and following ethical practices. We have developed a new and broader range of modern, high-quality pharmaceutical products to assist the world in living a healthy and fit life.

Why “Epsilon Biotech”?

In today’s rapidly changing healthcare environment, our powerful combination of skills, resources, and support system provides a platform for generating substantial growth. Aside from it, there are a few more factors that have contributed to our advancement in this field, which are as follows:

Our Dedicated Workforce

Every process has been carried out by regulators, who are divided into several departments of quality, production, assembly, packaging, and so on. They all are quite prominent and dedicated to executing their work with full efficiency. With the changing market environment, we even provide our clients with innovations to ensure that their product portfolio can meet the requirements of the customers.

Excellent Working Environment

At every organization, it is essential to conduct operations with extreme care to ensure worker safety. We consistently maintain proper working environments in our premises because working environments are something that helps an individual brings growth opportunities. For this, we provide the appropriate safety masks and face gloves to shield them from the unpleasant odor of chemicals.

Our Production Unit

Epsilon Biotech has the well and advanced infrastructure to manufacture the best-grade chemical compounds in compliance with defined medical industry standards. The industry has a vast built-up space for product production and warehouse that is almost environmentally friendly property. In terms of temperature and humidity, we have manufacturing units and warehouses that are very well managed. For the storage of a high number of items, a clean and expansive warehouse facility is maintained.

Our High-quality products

Quality is always a major concern for us because it is such an important component. We stand for a diverse selection of high-quality products that contribute to our industry's prestige and the development of long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with our partners. We are dedicated to providing consumers with the safest and most effective delivery, as mentioned in our Company's Mission. These all factors make us the top PCD Pharma franchise company in Kala Amb., Himachal Pradesh, and all over the nation.

Core Values:

  • All of our partners are acknowledged, and mutually beneficial relationships are developed.
  • The company’s core values include effective communication, trust, and transparency.
  • Our customers’ satisfaction is built on quality, innovation, science, and services.

Our Mission

To be the most renowned PCD Pharma Franchise Company, continuously standing for a cost-effective and safe solution by adhering to the highest levels of quality standards, innovation with on-time commitment, customer services.

Our Vision

Our vision is to provide qualitative healthcare medicinal drugs to humanity and with a special focus on an endeavor to provide the best services among all pharmaceutical companies across the globe.